What Size Brush Should You use for Acrylic Nails?

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Are you new to acrylic nails and wondering where to start and what size acrylic brush you should begin with and why? If so then this article is just for you. Hopefully I can guide you and share lots of information on all the types of brushes that are used with acrylic nail application. I want to help you make a decision on what brush you should start off with as a beginner nail technician or enthusiast, the different shapes and how to store your brush properly. As well as lot’s of other important information.
Even if you are a seasoned Nail Tech you may still find this article helpful as I am going to include lots of tips on brush care, cleaning and upkeep to ensure once you have chosen the correct Nail Brush for yourself, you can give it a long and happy life. Did you know a good quality brush should last you years (dependant on how frequently it’s used)
Some frequently asked questions we will be covering in this article:
  1. What brush size is best for a beginner
  2. What brush shape is best for a beginner
  3. what is a pinched brush?
  4. What’s the difference between flat oval and round?
  5. How long should a good quality nail brush last with proper care?
  6. Are there any vegan acrylic nail brushes?
  7. What are 100% Kolinsky brushes made from?
  8. How to properly store your acrylic nail brush
    What Brush Size is Best for a beginner Nail Tech?
    If you are just starting out in the nail world, acrylic in particular. You’ll have seen there are a ton of different brush options on the market. So the question is ‘ What brush is right for me?’. I would recommend starting off with a smaller brush, normally for my beginner students I will recommend starting off with a size 8 100% kolinsky nail brush. The most affordable and highest quality option I can recommend is the ‘Nail Mate size 8 magic stick’ from Glitter Planet. It is affordable, lightweight and the perfect size for beginners. There are also other designs in the size 8 brushes so if you don’t want that one you could definitely select one of the others (shop all acrylic brushes here) and you’d be totally fine. The reason for starting off with a smaller size brush means you are able to really practice and get used to picking up and applying the product. If you had a size 10 or 12 brush you would pick up more product which could make it harder as a beginner to apply and shape the nail. By starting out smaller you will give yourself chance to really get to know the brush, the acrylic system and how to effectively apply product without it becoming too hard to control on the nail. So I would recommend to you a size 8 100% kolinsky nail brush if you are starting out as a beginner nail tech. And don’t feel like you ever need to upgrade or change sizes, if you are comfortable with that size then you can absolutely stick with it.
    What Brush Shape is Best for a Beginner Nail Tech?
    I have been a Nail Technician for over a decade and within that time I have used many different styles and brands of acrylic nail brushes. I can tell you now hands down the best shape for acrylic application and product control is a flat oval shape. The way you can tell if a brush is flat oval is it will be pinched at the ferrule (metal part on the brush will have a visible line on it) This creates a flat edge to one side of the brush and is much more effective when in use compared to a round brush. I mean don’t get me wrong lots of nail techs still do use a round brush but I much more prefer and always will recommend a flat oval to a beginner and even well seasoned nail technicians. Over at Glitterplanetuk.com you will see that all of the acrylic nail brushes are a flat oval shape, we don’t actually carry a round shape because I don’t see them to be as effective or ease of use for the user. I will link the Flat oval acrylic brushes here so you can check them out for yourself. I really love all of the designs we have available over on Glitter Planet. Also if you are on the market to try a new high quality acrylic nail system you should definitely check us out. Nail Mate acrylic system even has try me kits with a mini monomer and two core powders. To sum up this section no matter what brand of brush you go for I will always recommend to get a flat oval that is pinched.
    What Is a Pinched Ferrule on a Nail Brush?
    A brush ferrule is the metal portion of a Nail brush that sits between the brush hair and the handle. It’s an important part of the brush. The ferrule is the part that connects the handle to the brush head. Typically, a handle made from metal, plastic or wood is secured into a hole in the ferrule to construct the brush. The ferrule can be either round or squeezed (pinched) at the end of the bristle. A pinched ferrule will give your brush a flat appearance with a flat side, where around one will create a more rounded shape to your brush.
    What is the Difference Between a Flat Oval and a Round Nail Brush?
    A Flat oval has a pinched ferrule where the ferrule is squeezed to make it into an oval shape, this creates two flatter sides to the brush and an oval shape overall. With a round brush the ferrule is left round in a circle shape. This means that the bristles are arranged in a circle shape creating a ’round brush’ which is much fatter.
    How long should a good quality nail brush last with proper care?
    A good quality nail brush can last you a very long time. Along as you ensure to look after it and keep it in good shape it will be a great tool that can stay with you for many years on your nail journey. I highly recommend the Glitter Planet Acrylic Nail Brushes as they are super high quality and affordable. I have had my Glitter Planet brushes last 3-4 years with absolutely no problem at all. Make sure to come back and check out my next upcoming blog on how to prepare and look after your acrylic nail brush.
    Are there any vegan acrylic nail brushes?
    In this modern world where you may be practicing and living a veganlifestyle you may be wondering how can I still do that when the kolinsky nail brushes are made using animal hair. Well wonder no more, Glitter Planet made what is called ‘THE PURE BRUSH’ About 4years ago and it’s been LOVED As an alternative brush
    What are 100% Kolinsky brushes made from?
    100% Kolinsky brushes contain all natural Kolinsky fibres meaning that it won’t be affected by the monomer and it will pick your acrylic bead up perfectly, with the right care your brushes should last you years. The hair is carefully obtained from the tail of the kolinsky (Mustela sibirica), a species of weasel rather than an actual sable. All brushes from Glitter Planet are Cruelty Free and responsibly sourced.
    How to properly store your acrylic nail brush?
    Storing your brush correctly can mean that it will last you longer and it will stay in good shape. Taking good care of your brush is important so that you don’t have to replace it sooner than necessary. By looking after your brush you will also ensure that it is preforming at its best, a brush that isn’t looked after can actually make products application harder work. You should NOT store your brush upright (bristles up and handle down in a jar). Storing brushes upright in a Jar or container will allow any left over monomer from the bristles to drain down into the ferrule (metal part). This can cause damage to the special glues used to hold the bristles in place. It can weaken the area and also cause ‘rust like residue’ to secrete from your brush when in use which will discolour your acrylic powders. You also should NEVER Store your brush in a jar with bristles down unless it has a cap. The best way to store your brush would be to lay it on its side. Or even better get yourself a brush stand, or handy brush storage box.
    I hope this information helped, good luck on your acrylic nail journey you’ll be great! Don’t forget to follow our blog for more nail tech knowledge and tips and share this post with your Nail Tech besties. Use Code WELCOME10 for 10% off your first order at Glitter Planet.
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