Are you interested in becoming a Glitter Planet™ distributor?

Glitter Planet™ is growing quickly and as a brand and we are looking to expand internationally. We are on the lookout for enthusiastic, passionate and motivated individuals or companies to work with in our distribution sector.

Upon Successful acceptance to our Authorised Distributor Program the distributor would be responsible for purchasing stock at the MOQ (Minimum orders quantity) and creating their own customer base in their agreed territory or country. 

We work closely with our distributors and will Provide a digital media kit for marketing purposes and we are confident we can grow Glitter Planet™ and offer products worldwide that are currently restricted to the UK & Ireland.

If you love our products and would like to discuss the opportunity to become a distributor for Glitter Planet™, then please email distributor@glitterplanetuk.com with the following information in the first instance:

    • Full name
    • Business Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Town/City/Country of residence
    • A brief description of your nail industry knowledge and experience
    • Do you currently sell other nail products/brands?
    • A single paragraph explaining why you would like to become a Glitter Planet™ distributor.


We look forward to hearing from you very soon,


Shaun & Lorna Andrews; CEO's of Glitter Planet™

nail products layered up. bright colour of glitter. cuticle oils and nail supplies from glitter planet