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Acrylic FAQs

1. Start of by Pouring the Premium Nail Mate acrylic liquid into a dappen dish.

2. Dip your acrylic brush into the dappen dish making sure to submerge the bristles. Push the brush to the bottom of the dappen dish to 'fan out' the bristles. This will get the air bubbles out of the bristles and make sure it's fully coated in monomer.

3. Wipe your brush on the edge of the dappen dish to drain the excess liquid off. Wipe less of for a larger bead, and wipe more off for a small bead.

4. Dip your brush tip into your Nail Mate acrylic powder and pull the brush tip through the powder towards you at a 45 degree angle until you create a bead of acrylic.

5. Press the back of your brush (with acrylic powder bead on) to a lint-free wipe or desk pad to drain the excess liquid off if needed.

6. Apply the bead of acrylic to the centre of the nail and bring the bead down to the very tip. Point the nail down as you are doing this to help prevent the acrylic from flooding the cuticle area and side walls. Next add another bead near the cuticle and pull down the nail blending over the previous bead.

7. Sculpt the acrylic by pressing the brush flat to your nail and gently moving smoothing out any bumps. It's important to remember to keep your brush clean by dipping it into the acrylic liquid and wiping frequently during the application process.

8. If you need more product to cover the entire nail, repeat the steps above until your desired nail length and shape is achieved.

If you are just starting our doing acrylic nails we always recommend starting with a size 8 Acrylic nail brush.

Our brushes are premium quality and are 100% kolinsky. Each brush is pinched and has a flat oval shape.

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You can use the Premium adhesive monomer with our Nail Mate core powders and colour powders.

We always recommend to use our Premium adeshive monomer with our full acrylic system.

Our Colour powders & cores can be used with other professional grade monomers however, we cannot guarantee the performance as we have not tested this.

Yes. Our acrylic system has been developed with both beginners and professionals in mind.

We have a medium to slow setting system which gives you plenty of time to work with your product before it sets. Shop the Nail Mate essentials here

Top Tip: Remember if you are in a hot room the product will set quicker, and if the room is cold it will set slower.

You can head over to our founders YouTube channel here.

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