Rainbow Glitter Acrylic nails inspiration for summer holidays and festival season

Glitter Acrylic nails perfect for your next festival or summer vacay

Festival season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a dazzling set of glitter nails? This year, I'm thrilled to share a short acrylic nail design featuring rainbow glitter tips using the Nail Mate Golden Hour Glitter Acrylic Collection. Whether you're dancing the night away or soaking up the summer sun, these nails will keep you shining bright!

Watch the full nail tutorial now on how to create this look

Create easy glitter nails with the step by step tutorial

If you're looking to switch things up or need more inspiration, here are some glittery nail designs perfect for festivals:

1. **Glitter Ombre:**

- Transition from a solid color at the base to glitter at the tips. This creates a stunning gradient effect that sparkles under festival lights.

2. **Galaxy Nails:**

- Use dark base colors like navy or black and add multi-colored glitter to mimic the look of a starry night sky. Add some tiny white dots for stars. Or even  star shaped glitters.

3. **Glitter Accents:**

- Keep most of your nails simple with a solid color and choose one or two accent nails to cover entirely in glitter. This adds a pop of sparkle without overwhelming the entire look.

4. **Holographic Glitter:**

- Opt for holographic glitter acrylics that reflect a spectrum of colors. These nails change appearance with different lighting, making them perfect for dynamic festival environments.

5. **Chunky Glitter:**

- Layer up some chunky glitter pieces over your fine glitter acrylics for a more textured and dramatic look. This works especially well for bold, statement nails. And more is more!

Nail Gallery

short square glittery nails with rainbow colours on the nail tips
short square glittery nails with rainbow colours on the nail tips

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