4XC Large Smooth Top

  • £20.00

Type : E-file essential Drill Bits

Single BIT : Large Smooth top 4XC

**standard shank size 3/32

 Used for the fast removal of acrylic/Gel design & Gel polish over acrylic. This bit will cut down your Removal time immensely - Making your prep time quicker allowing you to focus on creating new acrylic designs. It's a must have in your kit.



Check out the essential file bit collection it Includes 7 E-file Bits & Case:

  • Large Barrel smooth top Ceramic , Fine
  • Round Ceramic bit , Medium
  • Small Barrel Smooth Top, Ceramic, Medium
  • Cuticle Clean, Carbide
  • Large Cone, Carbide , Medium
  • Large Barrel smooth top, Carbide, 4XC
  • Diamond Bit, Coarse
  • Storage Case


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If you have any questions please contact us via the contact form.