What is BUILD+ Gel

Nail Mate Build+ is a beautiful self-levelling soak-off builder gel in a bottle. It is HEMA FREE, Vegan & Cruelty Free. It's used for creating strength to your natural nails and helping you grow your natural nail length with added support.

The benefits of BUILD+ Gel

  • As a strengthening base coat under your gel polishes, also as a base for our Structure Hard gel
  • Use to level out ridges in the natural nail and make your gel polish manicures look flawless
  • As a natural flexible overlay to help grow and strengthen the natural nail whilst you grow your own length
  • Short Extensions on forms/tips to repair broken nails if your nails are uneven lengths to help create a well polished manicure
  • We have a wide versatile range of glossy nudes, pinks and sheer shades


Nail Mate 𝗕𝗨𝗜𝗟𝗗+ Builder gel in a bottle is Soak-off , HEMA FreeVegan and cruelty free.

Our brand new formula is perfect for your nail care routine.


Step 1: After the correct nail preparation we are ready to start BUILD+ application. If you are repairing the nail or extending apply your form/Nail Tip. Cleanse the nail with Safe Scrub to prepare it for products application. Apply Pro Bond or Ultra Primer to the natural nail. When applying Pro Bond or Ultra Prime take the brush out of the bottle and wipe off the excess products on the neck of the bottle or paper towel, then brush primer onto the natural nails. Allow to dry for one minute. Pro bond will dry to a chalky white and ultra prime will have a wet look finish.

Step 2: Open your BUILD+ and brush the gel onto the nail plate. Apply as if you were applying a gel polish colour in a thin layer. Place the BUILD+ Gel close to the cuticle line, allowing room for your margin, and pull the product down towards the free edge. Take care to cover the entire nail surface with a thin even coat of the gel, use a detailing brush where necessary. Cure for 60 seconds in LED & 2minutes in a UV. (If your client experiences any heat sensitivity you can flash cure for 3-5 seconds, then remove the hand from the lamp and cool, then full cure for 60 seconds)

Step 3: Do not remove the tacky dispersion layer after the nail is cured. Apply a second thin coat of BUILD+ the same way. Be sure to cover the entire nail surface with a thin even coverage of gel. Cure in the lamp, 60 seconds LED and 2 minutes UV.

Step 4: Do not remove the tacky layer from the cured nail. Check the nail from all angles to ensure correct placement of the apex. To reinforce the structure of the nail, you need to apply a small bead of BUILD+ gel to the upper arch down the centre of the nail. You can use a fine detail brush to move this into place on the nail. Cure for 60 seconds LED and 2 Minute UV. Use a Lint free wipe saturated in safe scrub to cleanse the nail surface and remove the tacky dispersion layer.

Step 5: Refine your nails using Glitter Planet 180 grit and 240 grit nail files and buffers. Check the nail from all angles ensuring proper apex placement. File the nail until it is smooth and even, the nail should be well balanced and even following the natural curve of the nail with even thickness. BUILD+ Is self-levelling so minimal filing should be required. Remove any excess dust with your dust brush and then use a lint free wipe with safe scrub cleanser to clean the nail thoroughly.

Now your BUILD+ Nail is finished you can go ahead and add any designs over the top. Or if you are keeping the original chosen shade you can go straight in with one of our gel top coat finishes.

Top Tip: BUILD+ Is self levelling so you may wish to work on one nail at a time and cure/flash cure between each nail application to avoid product running into the sidewalls & cuticle.

Nail Mate BUILD+ can be for everyone but particularly for individuals who like to wear their own natural nails and want a little help with a strengthening product. It’s a soft flexible gel that moulds to the shape of the natural nail and offers flexibility and strength allowing you to grow out your natural nails.

You can use Nail Mate BUILD+ For many applications to create gorgeous manicures. Here are some of our favourite ways to use BUILD+

  • As a strengthening flexible base for gel colour
  • Builder gel application on natural nails to grow the nail length
  • As a colour coat over soft gel tips, acrylics or press on nails
  • The perfect base for French gel nails.

There are so many ways to use the Nail Mate BUILD+ Gel. we know you'll love it.