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Bring some fun and colour into your summer nail look with The Nail Mate neon Yellow Glass Gel in shade Highlighter. The neon yellow shade creates a playful stained glass gel effect on your nails. Get creative and add a pop of quirkiness to your style with this glass gel polish 


Elevate Your Nail Art with Nail Mate Stained Glass Gel Polishes

Stained glass gel polishes are taking the nail art world by storm, offering a unique and vibrant way to add dimension and elegance to your manicure. These polishes mimic the look of stained glass windows, providing a translucent, glossy finish that can transform any nail design into a work of art. Here’s how you can make the most out of Nail Mate stained glass gel polishes and create stunning nail art.

What Are Stained Glass Gel Polishes?

Stained glass gel polishes are specially formulated to have a sheer, buildable color that lets light pass through, just like real stained glass. Unlike traditional opaque polishes, these gels provide a luminous, layered effect that adds depth and intrigue to your nails. Available in various shades, from vibrant pinks and blues to neon yellows and greens, stained glass gels can be used alone or layered over other colours for endless creative possibilities.

How to Use Stained Glass Gel Polishes

 1. **Preparation is Key**

Start by preparing your nails. You may want to apply over acrylic, builder gel or natural nails. Shape them to your desired length and form, and gently buff the surface to remove any shine. Push back your cuticles and ensure your nails are clean and dry.

2. **Apply a Base Coat**

A good base coat or builder gel is essential to protect your natural nails and provide a smooth surface for the gel polish. Apply a thin layer and cure it under a UV or LED lamp according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can skip this step if applying over acrylic nails.

3. **First Layer of Stained Glass Gel**

Apply a thin layer of stained glass gel polish to your nails. The key is to keep the layers thin to avoid bubbling and ensure even curing. Cure the polish under the Nail Mate POR+ LED lamp.

4. **Build Up the Color**

To achieve the desired intensity, apply additional thin layers of the stained glass gel polish, curing each layer separately. Remember, the beauty of stained glass gels lies in their buildable nature, so take your time to layer until you get the perfect translucent effect.

5. **Add Nail Art (Optional)**

For a more intricate design, you can add nail art between the layers of stained glass polish. Use The 5 piece brush set or nail art stickers to create designs like flowers, geometric patterns, or abstract art. The translucent nature of the gel will give your designs a unique, multi-dimensional look.

6. **Top It Off With Super Gloss**

Finish with a high-quality gel top coat to seal your design and add extra shine. Cure the top coat under your Nail Mate PRO+ Lamp to ensure a durable finish.

7. **Clean and Nourish**

After curing, wipe your nails with a cleanser to remove any sticky residue, super gloss doesn't have a tacky layer so this step only applies for our other gel top coats. Finish by applying cuticle oil to nourish your cuticles and maintain healthy nails.

Tips for Best Results

  • **Thin Layers**: Always apply thin layers to avoid uneven curing and bubbling.
    - **Cure Time**: Follow the recommended curing times for each layer to ensure a solid, durable finish.
    - **Experiment**: Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours or add layers of glitter gel for added sparkle.

Nail Mate Stained glass gel polishes are a fantastic way to elevate your nail art game. Their sheer, buildable colour allows for a range of creative designs that can be as subtle or as bold as you like. Whether you're a professional nail artist or a DIY enthusiast, stained glass gels are a versatile addition to your gel polish collection. So, grab your favourite shades, let your creativity flow, and enjoy the dazzling, luminous effects of stained glass gel polish on your nails!



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