Cuticle Eraser Stone x 1

  • £1.00

Color -  Pink

Type - Cuticle Stone

* *YOU WILL RECEIVE 1 x Cuticle Stone **

  • Made of high quality, polished sandstone it is designed to push back, and erase cuticles & dead skin without scratching or damaging the nails.
  • It has pointed edges for precision work so you can get right into the hard to reach areas on the nail plate to make sure prep is thorough.

How to Use:

  • Push back cuticles: Hold like a pencil and use to push back cuticles. Removing Cuticle: Dip the tip of the stone into warm water, rub stone back and forth on the surface of the cuticle until it is removed.

Size: 4" Long

We reccomend a new stone for each client. 


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If you have any questions please contact us via the contact form.