Galaxy Aqua Acrylic Brush #8

  • £17.00

Size: #8

Type: Acrylic kolinsky brush with a beautiful Glitterfall handle, for use with acrylic products (or just staring at lovingly)

Sizes Available - #8, #10 & #12

 (They all feature the same colour glitters within the handle for the beautiful Glitterfall effect - each picture varies due to angle and lighting plus the way the glitter settles is different)

Galaxy Aqua brush Features:

  • Dazzling Glitterfall handle
  • Flat oval shape
  • 100% Kolinsky Sable Hair
  • High Quality
  • Pre crimped ferrule for precision aligned bristles
  • For Each brush the hairs are weighed to ensure constant quality and the perfect distribution of bristles within the ferrule, allowing total control for the user..
  • As this is a natural hair brush it has to be trained (while in use) and cut if needed (if you get any stray hairs)

 * we recommend you coat the handle in a clear no wipe topcoat to protect the text from rubbing off) If you spill Monomer on the clear Handle it may cause damage, Monomer is a corrosive substance so keep it on the bristles/ferrule only. 






If you use your brush without removing ALL the residue you will ruin it. It will not survive such a tragedy, so please take care and follow the necessary steps to ensure a long and fruitful life for you new BESTIE.


To prep your brush:

  1. Flick/rub the hairs between your fingers to remove the excess glue thats holding the hairs into place, do this with care. (your brush will look fluffy afterwards)
  2. Once you can't see any more residue coming off the bristles its time to rinse thoroughly with WATER, please repeat if needed. Rinse your brush under Luke warm water (bristles facing downwards) rubbing the hairs gently to remove anymore hidden residue from between the bristles. If you normally use brush cleaner thats also fine but we think brush cleaner can be quite harsh on the natural bristles.
  3. Once that's done make sure to line up the bristles to a flat/oval (as though you were using it) so they lay neatly.
  4. allow to dry completely.
  5. Once dry your brush is READY!!! Exciting we know! (to double check its ready flick the bristles again to make sure there are no glue residue - if there is repeat again)
  6. Make sure to enjoy your super Mesmerising Aqua brush (try not to drool too much over its glitterfall goodness) and share your pics with us on Instagram @glitterplanetuk 

 -We try our best to show colours and effects as true as possible but please be aware that it may differ slightly due to your monitor settings.

store you brush laying flat or bristles facing down if you have a brush holder do not bend the bristles.


**In case of contact with oil from the handle here's what you should do:

This brush is not a toy - & Not suitable for children.

Spillage: Wipe up the excess oil using a paper towel and dispose of it. Thoroughly wash hands and surface with warm soapy water until all oil the is gone.

Skin contact: If spilled on clothing/skin remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly with warm water and soap. Wash clothes in machine - If change in appearance or irritation occurs seek medical advice.

Eye contact: If the oil comes into contact with eyes rinse immediately with running water for 5 - 10 minutes and seek medical advice if irritation or redness occurs.

Ingestion: The oil is NOT to be ingested if ingested rinse mouth immediately and seek medical advice.



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