Wanderlust NEW Acrylic Collection - Available Now!

swatches of the acrylic collection wanderlust from glitter planet nail supplies

Embark on a journey of regal and rich colours with our brand new 'Wanderlust' Acrylic powder collection. Including 4 Colour acrylics and 3 glitter acrylics your nails will feel like absolute royalty.


7 jars of coloured acrylic powders in green, berry red and blue on platforms with the title wanderlust



We want you all to experience the 'wanderlust' treatment and have regal, rich and stunning nails



Take a look at the gorgeous colours

Opinionated, Wild Berry, Wanderer, Vintage Blue, Enchanted, Wild Pine, Green Land



3 Stunning complementing Glitter Acrylics. (Left to right: Opinionated, Enchanted, Wanderer).



➜Full Collection price: £42 including Vat normally £48.30
➜Single Colours: £6.90 including Vat.


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