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    Take Your Nails to a Whole New Level With Nail Mate Professional Nail Brushes 

    At Glitter Planet, We Love anything colourful and sparkly, and our brushes are no exception. We have a wide range of High-quality acrylic Nail Brushes and Gel Nail Brushes that are 100% Kolinsky hair. Our brushes have been tried and tested by nail technicians worldwide. When browsing our selection, check out some of the reviews to see what they have to say. We also stock a wide range of nail Art brushes with synthetic hairs and have something for everyone. Shop our range of brushes and brush accessories below. 
    ✔︎ High-Quality Nail Brushes  
    ✔︎ Cruelty-Free  
    ✔︎ 100% Kolinsky Hair  
    ✔︎ Loved by Techs
    Our Acrylic nail brushes come in all different styles to allow you to find your new 'Nail Mate'. The acrylic nail brushes are pinched to create the perfect flat oval shape, ensuring the application is precise and effortless. We offer our 'Pure Brush' range. These brushes are made with synthetic hair, which makes them vegan and cruelty-free. 


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