Glitter Planet Blooming Gel

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What is Blooming Gel?

Blooming gel is a transparent gel coat that makes colour gels 'bloom' or 'spread' when applied over the top. Blooming Gel is used for dispersing colours & creating gorgeous watercolour or marbled inspired nail looks.

What should I use to apply the colour over the blooming gel?

You can use a dotting tool or brush to create your designs, Just drop your chosen gel colours into the uncured gel for bloom effect on the nail, allow some time for the colour gel to bloom.

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1. Create your nail and get to the stage where your colour coats are fully cured, or if using acrylic make sure the acrylic is capped and filed to shape and excess dust has been removed.

2. Apply Blooming gel evenly over the entire nail surface, do not cure.

3. Using gel colours of your choice and a dotting tool or nail art brush swirl and apply your gel colour into the blooming gel. Please note different brand gels will work differently with the results varying. 

4. Wait for your design to spread/Bloom, room temperature can sometimes effect this so bare that in mind.

5. Once you are happy with your final nail art design cure in the LED Lamp for a full 60 seconds.

6. Apply gel top coat to seal in the design.


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