Premium Pro Pinched Square Nail Tips (Pack of 500)

  • £10.00

Nail Tips- 
Premium Pro - Pinched Square nail tips can be tailored to any shape you desire.

The Nail tips will be supplied in a bag.

Glitter Planet's Premium Pro Square nail tips come in a pack of 500 split into 10 sizes: 1-10
  • well less
  • Crystal clear
  • Pinched c curve
  • Easy to apply
  • Slender square shape so your finished nails won't appear to look 'wide'
  • Premium Quality
  • Flexible
  • Sizes to fit small and wider nail beds

Our Premium pro range is our best range yet, they are easy to use and the beautifully Pinched square shape makes doing nail's stress free. We know how hard it is to find amazing nail tips, so we thought we would take your worry away and offer our own. We are working with an amazing nail tip manufacturer to provide you with top quality Nail tips.

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