Mystic Dust - Chameleon Powder

  • £12.00

Color -  Red /purple/ Gold /Green
Type - Pigment

* *1g of pigment supplied in a pot **  Very little goes a long way **


Tips for using our Pigments

  1.  Use our Pigment over your preferred No Wipe Gel.
  2. Rub on until a desirable effect using a sponge or silicone tool.  The effect will be different according to the base color applied prior to the No Wipe Gel.
  3.  After you have applied the pigment, please use a dust brush to clean any excess pigments on the surface of the nail and around the finger.  
  4. Optional Apply a thin layer of builder gel making sure to cap the free edge (recommended).  Cure for 30 seconds in LED lamp or 2 minutes in UV lamp.
  5.  Apply a shiny top gel over the top to finish. 

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