Coloured Acrylic Design Powders With A Touch Of Elegance

Elite Acrylic Art Powders 

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  WOW! The wait is almost over 😱 After spending over 12 months, planning, testing, correcting, developing and finally we have completed one of the most exciting products we have ever created. 

  We spent numerous hours testing our Nail Mate exclusive mixes, we have had good days😊 and  bad days😩 but most of all it has been a little crazy 🤪 . We wanted to create a product that we are 100% happy with. We have tested the acrylics endlessly and with a judgmental eye. The elite art powders are made from only the best product that you have come to expect from us here at Glitter Planet. Our Nail Mate acrylic core range has taken off and you guys Love it. We worked to make sure you would feel a touch of class when using our coloured acrylic powders. 

  Something we felt very strongly about was the packaging. We noticed that in the current market, the packaging is all one of the same and we felt we wanted to give you guys something special, so we tested our packaging just as much as the powders. We ended up choosing a 15ml premium jar with a no spill cap and lid. 

  The colour four our lids was a no Brainer for us. For the past 2 years we have had purple as our core colour for all of our inner parcel packaging as well as a purple themed website. We sampled many Purple Lids but the on you can see to the left is the chosen colour and I hope you agree, it is perrrrrfect!

Nail Mate is aiming to create a new type of nail brand. We want you to experience new products with us and also have a say in what products you want available from us. We are a small team of four and we are growing the team slowly and the brand fast, the most important thing for us is quality over quantity. We believe that Nail Mates coloured acrylics are the first step to creating a brand that offers luxury products for a price that is attainable for Nail Artist and Tech's. Allowing you to be able to expand both your business and skills so you can can be the best version of you!

Have you tried our Acrylic core System??

If the answer is no, then we have a sample kit on sale now, this will give you enough product to see if we live up to the hype!! See the link below for further information...


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